Oh the humanity- they want to scrap Olympic track events for CX!!

The Hardest Job In Bike Racing - Competitive Cyclist

[i] Domestic racing is in the air here after we hosted a reception last week for USA Cycling and the promoters and organizers of the NRC races. While chatting with Todd Sowl, CFO of USA Cycling, I asked him something I’d long been curious about (and, interestingly, the uber-blog Inner Ring brought up on its own recently): Given the explosive popularity of cyclocross and the fading pulse of track cycling, why not expose cross to the masses through the Winter Olympics?

If the Olympics are our best opportunity to introduce the wonders of bike racing to an all-new crowd, changing emphasis from track to CX seems like a no-brainer. Tactics-wise, with cyclocross what you see is what you get. Visually, the mud and suffering make it poetic. And the start-to-finish race length of one hour is long enough to push in TV commercials, but short enough to accomodate 21st Century attention spans. By comparison, track cycling is arcane, repetitive, and commercially unviable. [/i]

I don’t have a problem with this.

Nah - would love to see CX at the Olympics but not at the expense of track.

Just read the bit about adding it to the winter Olympics, that would be major win!!!

I read that as: USA not competitive in track cycling, change to something we have a chance at.

track for the summer olympics, CX for the winter. no one loses.

^this. “the fading pulse of track cycling”. yeah, well not in england/oz/every other competitive nation.

in summary: all lobbyists are all ₪₪₪₪s.

also hackey sack

Why would they choose CX then the Europeans would kill them?

so will there also be a push for beard growing and knuckle tattooing events?

the olympics will have XC MTB or CX, not both, they are too similar

downhill MTB would get a look in before CX imo

i’ve never seen a cross race finish anywhere as closely as 99% of track races…*

*i’ve not seen loads of cross races though, i will admit, but it does seem that the winner usually gains a noticeable lead by the end.

Short races? 21st Century attention spans? TV commercials? Most races at the track are pretty damn short when compared to road races, and they are held in a fucking velodrome which is ideal for spectators. Yes, thats what we need, more goddamn coke and mcdonalds advertising sapping the life force out of us one advert at a time. What a nonce.

Who is they?

It’s only a thought exercise by a blogger, not USAC, UCI, IOC or anyone who matters.

what blakey said, plus further online discussion on this with people who know about events in the olympics points to the likelihood of it happening being minimal.

there are a number of reasons why its not likely - from the usual nature of a cross course (mud/wet, not snow/ice as is the general rule of winter olympics events - a good winter olympics location is quite unlikely to be a good cross location at the same time), what it would do to the existing Cx season (which peaks with the world champs in mid-late jan not feb for the olympics). the lack of true worldwide competition at this point (it still is only 3 countries that dominate).

as for track vs cross - horatio you so funny. one is summer, the other is winter. its not one at the expense of the other.

i’m still curious as to why you are so down on 'cross? are you scared of having fun?

it’s nothing unless there’s HK representation anyway.

I would rather watch Sam Hill descend a mountain at 60kmh, than some mad Flemish bloke going for a swim in a mud pit.

Just poking a bit of fun

Blakey- ‘they’ happen to be America’s most influential bicycle eretailer!

this! DH on TV fucking rules! and everyone knows they’re the snowboarders of the cycling world…

+1 for DH in the Olympics.

On a side note this speculation happens every 4 years…

This however, is an olympic sport that I would watch
Pole dancers seeking Olympic recognition - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

man, i saw this post, and i was all like, “who’s this noob dredging up old threads? probably spam.”

but i rate this. topical!

I’d watch DH over CX. I think I’d watch Track over DH but I’m not sure. In my opinion scrapping track events for any other type of cycle race is a very bad idea.