aerospoke on that? just horrible!!

why god, why?

My girlfriend feels sorry for him

shes too nice

I say obsenity charges be laid, its bicycle kiddie porn

Dude put a warning next to that link. My dinner almost came back up.

On a more positive note… nah I got nothing.

Ow wait, the rear rim matches the valve cap, that looks nice :slight_smile:

I think that guy is just having a go at you guys to see what reactions he gets.

Someone who has a Chris King headset should know what is good taste. He probably has a shit hot NJS frame lying around and just wanted to build this up for a laugh

damoh your email isn’t ‘warmpotato@hotmail.com’ is it?

Yeah, i dont know. i know this douchebag who wanted in on the whole fixie thing so he did some half-assed research, spent a whole bunch of money on NJS, Chris King, whatever — anyway he rides singles on the street cos he thought that “they are some ill shit” anyway he doesnt ride much now, he got a puncture he got the 2nd time he rode it and doesnt know how to fix it


i hope i dont sound like a cunt

Nah I think that’s pretty apt

thats disgusting, i feel sick! :oops:

Come on guys!
Raise the seat, take off the top tube protecter and you’ve got a half decent bike. Okay, and lower the stem.

…then light it on fire and hurl it into the sun.