OK... enough already !

A cycling, dress shirt… it’s fucking, sad I tell you! :expressionless:



and it’s specially tailored to fit better while riding

read: specially tailored to look shit at any time you’re off the bike

Berry cleber.

yeh, what’s wrong with riding in good old fashioned regular dress shirts?

I sure hope it has the NJS stamp of approval… I’d be keen to sport it walking my bike around the city then.

outlier stuff is so over priced.

This came out in March, would go well with above shirt.
A steal at 3500 pounds, no?
Good on the bike and in the board room.


I’d be all over that if…I were not such a profusely sweaty man :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the argument is valid, i find button up shirts pull taut across my back/shoulders when leaning forward, maybe i should get an adjustable stem so i can sit bolt upright.

i suppose another alterntive might be wearing some cycling specific clothing when youre riding. i don’t know if youre gonna win many clients showing up to a sales meeting with a delightfully tailored, yet revoltingly sweaty and smelly shirt

And it looks cheap and it wears out real quick.

yet another example of sarcasm going undetected on the interwebz

you look quite smart in a dress shirt on your hillbrick…

I dress to impress.

it looks like a ladies shirt

but I don’t wanna be a pirate!

yes for everyday purpose you would look like a douche riding around in this but if u oversleep and are late for work it would save 5-10 mins having to get changed no?

$120US Hell no!

Coin a new term…“Hipster Dandy”, Go metro boysssss :wink: