OK, it's official .....

… for the record … the fixie craze has hit Brisbane!

Two fixies locked up within a block on Queen St!!

An Oxford conversion, looks suspiciously like a new ride for TK - at least his lock-up style; and a black Surly - Simon, another messenger.

if queensland is in a fixed craze

melbourne must be in a pandemic



Melbourne is pandemic. But mainly to the north of the city. Been riding past this girl on a fix on my way to/from work out at Brunswick. Only problem is I’ve never been able to get her attention.

Random unknown fix sightings have ceased to be random.

They are getting very common in Melbourne. Freewheel and no brakes is the next ‘thing’! Dan has such a bike is stock.

rogue, if anyone can catch the attention of a fixed girl, i think it would be you, running backwards circles around her at the lights :slight_smile:

tristan: is dan pumping up the freewheel/no brakes combination in an attempt to kill off the hipsters who will gravitate towards the next ‘thing’ ?

it’s a very smart plan of attack :slight_smile:


BMX maaaate

a bmx has brakes, albiet only one, but it’s still stoppable.

But they’re lower to the ground, so you don’t have as far to fall and thus don’t really need brakes so much. The Flintstone stop is kinda fun as well (and a necessity when your brakes are rooted anyway).

A lot of ramp and street riders without these days…

Roguedubb, yes, but if you’re not clipped in, a freewheelin road bike would be just as easy to stop, no? Smaller contact patch, larger lever, who knows…