OK... Need Models... Apply Here!!!!

Hey there Everyone… Long Time No Post…

I’m studying Photography at PSC in Sth Bank, and am working on an idea of a set of portraits on Riders in there Kit at the Work Place.

I had this idea AGES ago, and really only just got to a point where I think It’s feasible for not only my end of year folio project, but something that might be a nice book later on.

It’s still in a basic state, but I am really trying to gauge interest. It’s going to be a long project and will run indefinitely, so if you think you can sling me an hour or so of your time one day It would be greatly appreciated.

Drop me a PM with your deets, or just respond here if ya think your into the idea!!


Paging SteveZero in lycra at his desk on the phone


No riders in me pls.

Do we get a copy of the photo for our Christmas card?

is it at their own work? or are you going to studio mockup different desks and have ppl sit at them??

I love bikerforx !!!

I’ll volunteer … I used to be a Supermodel. How much are you paying?

Bikerfox is fucking crackers.

No Money but like I said happy to give prints…

Why that could certainly be arranged!!

It will be kinda like this Blakey… I’m still working on the idea and why, but I should have something more concrete for people to read in a month.

Nope at your work… I will come to you… I want the people to be in their environment, not the artificial studio scene.

It may just end up as people in their helmets… Not really sure…

I cycle in the nude.

Better count me out then. I don’t think the whole ‘dude in kit’ thing would go down well at my work.

or it’d be a massive hit, and you’d be totally fired.

ya creep.