Old cecil

Tried posting pics yesterday but my not playing games for some reason.
Heres the link.

Did that frame have a rear derailleur hanger on it in the past? - it looks awfully similar to a frame I used to own. I sold it to an older guy who was going to build up a retro path racer.

Yeah some clown tried to mig weld a hanger on.
Me cut it off with said hack-a-saw-russ.

The ‘clown’ that put it on was the guy I bought it off. He owned it since new, and he put a hanger on it when he raced in the 60’s. This was never strictly a track bike to my knowledge- many early racers had rear dropouts?
Oh, he said that it isn’t actually a Cecil Walker, perhaps a Hillman only repainted.

It’s fun to see steel frames move around!


how much? :slight_smile:

More than your insurance cheque little man…


No resto on this one, more of a rat bike I think.

Thank god.