old Dawes ... would make a nice townie (ends soon)

Somewhat crude (welds) but cool (patina). No shifter bosses or derailleur hanger so perhaps better suited for a shop/pub/townie single speed. $100 and no bids … ends shortly. Not mine … I’m just hoping someone else buys it so I don’t have to :slight_smile:

Dawes Flambeau Vintage Steel Touring Frame Retro | eBay

looks nice, but I’m always unsure if the value is there with a frame like this. Take away the head tube badge and decals and you are left with what looks like a low end gaspipe, pressed dropouts, chinese quality welds frame.$10 bucks at a garage sale perhaps. or am I being an overpicky grumpy tosser?

Looks like unfinished fillet brazes

I did say crude, like an old British car you learn to love the foibles. Masochistic? Perhaps. I imagined this being built up using leftover parts and being interesting enough to like but cheap enough to chain up if you’re too drunk to ride home.

At then end of the day the value is relative. I’ve spent more for a bottle of wine and vaguely remember it.

Top quality by British Leyland standards !!

could be keen…

Someone thought it was worth a hunj