Old dog, same tricks .... Tarck bike time for Spirito

Medo never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I love the way he parks himself next to his bowl every arvo and reminds me that it’s dinner time. Watching him age and listening to Neil Young inspired me to build up a new ride for myself because life is too short.

This time no gears, no beardo-ness … nothing too elaborate but a track bike using a “run with what I’ve got in the shed” approach. I figured I have enough to get a whole bike rolling (sans tyres?). Also heavily inspired by the green all around me I’m going to roll with Erle’s favourite colour.

It was a peach of a day, playing tunes, hanging with Medo and stop by’s by Gban & Carlin. Didn’t get much done but the hubs (ex-Dubrat) are packed with fresh grease and the wheels are ready to be tensioned. By the time Medo was done for the day Mrs. Spirito was calling me inside to make dinner.

More to come …

haha nice a spirito photo essay, always a sweet thing… are those the suntours i sold to dubrat that he decided not to build up?

This is great so far!


Nah, these are 32 holers. Pretty cool hubs imo. I was umming, ahhing about building Campy track hubs to Campy tubular rims but I wanted to stick with clinchers and had a green thing in mind (hence the lurid Aerohead’s). + I’m planning a rice with pasta kinda thing because I think that’s cool.

Good word to describe that colour!!

Ah those hubs, had a set on my first track bike. Nicest hubs of all time? Quite possibly…

are you gona call alex a dick again… he got pretty up tight about that and the subsequent moderation his posts received… i thought it was pretty funny

Nah, I actually really like Alex … he’s one if the funniest and wittiest guys on these forums and almost always cracks me up. We just got passionate about things and I feel a little bad about upsetting him, but he’s a big boy and I’m sure he knows this is the webs.

Yea soo much passion… And we are a long way from any kinda bike yet…

Maybe 105 needs to make a come back at FoA. Too much passion is not good for moral around here…
You were as always totally right though… A custom build with a slammed stem is for very vain man… It takes time on a bike to get shit right and the ability to change stuff is always a good idea on an expensive bike

So back to the topic at hand… Is this tarck bike gona have drops not rizors?

Surely by tarck you mean track, Spirito - does this herald a 2013 on the boards?

That’s the plan. One day I’ll be old and won’t be able to ride a bike. I’m figuring that will shit me no end and I’ll be filled with self contempt for not giving it a crack while I can. Watching Medo grow old has been some kind of cathartic moment, a kind of wake up call.

No more excuses if I have a bike :wink:

Wow! That’s something I’d love to see!

Kermit fixation much?? (wink)

Can’t wait to see this mid life crisis build.

it’s a weird space when you you pass 40 and see the apex looming on the bend to 50 innit ?


Dunno about weird, more like “time keeps on slipping …

“into the future…”

Well the future is now and you’ve made a decision. Good job.
Looking forward to more photo journal.


Not even one? Hardcore.

It’s never occured to me…