Old frame - rear brake not long enough!!

Did a search couldnt find anything!

Anyone have any ideas what rear brake I cna get that will reach a 700C rim in an old 27" frame?

Wanting to be able to run the freewheel on my old red machine and pay some polo at some stage.

any help is welcome

Tektro make some looooong reach brakes. You in Brisbane? Gear might be able to help you.

Tektro R559 Extra Long Reach

Tektro R539 Long Reach

Grand Cru Long Reach

Shimano R650 Long Reach

I’m sure there’s more!

The shimano ones will only just work, best bet is the tektro’s.
Long reach means less power. Put 27" wheels in your 27" frame.

captain sensible speaketh the truth

Velocity make their excellent Synergy rim in 27".

Most long reach brakes have longer lever arms to match the longer calipers and so don’t suffer from a drastic loss of power. Consider, though, that your old 27" frame and fork will use nutted calipers, and so all the recessed bolt calipers pictured above are, collectively, moot.

  • Joel

i have a pair of promax longer reach calipers- they work a lot better than the tecktro ones- had them for ages on piss off bike- should be able to find some on ebay for a decent price.
I think the tcktro ones have too strong a spring???
don’t go to 27’ you can’t get the same range of tyres

If it’s for a polo bike just get a cheapy 27" wheel. You can get gatorskinzz in a 27". Save the rest of your $$ for your fancy bike.

I already have the 700c wheels so looking to just keep everythign as is just get a rear brake.

Long reach caliper seems the way to go and should not be too hard to find i think (Will probably just drop bike at Eric and get him to sort it)
Second question is wider riser bar better for polo?

Look at polo bikes, ride polo bikes, make own decision.

I’m considering ordering these:

Tektro R539AG Long Reach Brakeset - Brakes - Brakes & Parts - Components

Long Reach, nutted or recessed mount and cheap.
but Velo Orange doesn’t provide shipping quotes till after you supply CC details and then you ‘approve’ the shipping costs.

has anyone ordered anything of a similir size from VO and can give a guesstimate on what shipping a pair of brakes will cost. . . ? Blakey?

Just put the request through, you can just ask to have the order cancelled if you don’t like the price. I did this recently, as an ebay seller had the same item for cheaper with less postage.

Will do, just don’t like the idea of provding CC details, and I think they debit it and then refund if you cancel it?
Guess I have been spoiled by CRC, Ribble et al.

FWIW, I ordered a pair of brake calipers, a front mini-rack and some bits and bobs last year from VO and paid $40 postage. The options I was given were :

I paid $54 express shipping from VO for an approximately 1kg parcel.

  • Joel

Don’t know about postage, but if the VO Grand Cru brakes fit, get those instead, they’ve gotten some really good writeups for long reach brake performance, lightweight too.

False. No charge.
VO is still pretty much a bunch of d00dz in a warehouse from what I can tell.

cheers for the response,

the Grand Cru do look nice but they are 4x the price.

Considering the whole bike only cost $200, $160 brakes seem like an over investment.

For anyone who is interested, VO do debit your CC card the amount of the items while they confirm shipping, I’ll let you know once they have a shipping cost.

If its too much I may try either retro fitting a longer bolt to a set of ‘modern’ brakes or try putting the front brake on the rear with half moon washers and the rear on the front and put the nut up inside the fork.

Drilling the front fork to accept a recessed bolt is a last resort.

Didn’t happen to me. Just sayin’.

hmm, well they seem to have debitted by debit card. i.e. the prices match up on my net banking.