old malvern star team frame

Malvern Star Team 86 Funny Bike frame only, Hellenic, fixie singlespeed etc | eBay

though, no decals or forks, looks like a waste of money; still want it though

Some photos of the actual frame would have been nice.

Yep, totes dum.

save the thread by posting this: JIM BUNDY PUSHBIKE | eBay

very nice save!
is it legit?

Looks like a 531 sticker? or a 501. Look reasonably nice anyway

What the consensus on “heavy dents” on the down tube? Stay away?

Depends how close they are to the “gear change stick”

Bundy is from same seller as my Kenevans. don’t think he understands too much about cycling (but obviously is able to source bikes built by influential Australian frame builders!)

Yeah looks like there is a massive heavydent right at the gearchangestick

it’s selling for $50 very soon…

get on it


someone should also get on the Bratz Team Bike for CX and/or Melb-Roobaix shenanigans