old mates hoffy

on ebay, seems he has figured out it’s worth…

hmmmm DICK!!!

and let the ebay comments begin…

and its a hendren… mabaaad

Holy shit, good luck with that price. Guess we’ll see it continually listed for the next 12 months.

Rolly you ruined all the fun,
Can we in delete him

What’s the back story? WHAT HAVE I MISSED!?!

HA HA awesome!!

Rolly deleted fresh meat.
He asked usual shit how much is my bike worth,
he got toasted then deleted then listed it on ebay for redonkulous price.

Me to…

no, i closed the thread after user ‘goods’ emailed nickj requesting immediate deletion of his account.

here’s the thread for your perusal mr pavlis - http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f4/vintage-hoffy-track-bike-built-eric-hendren-61cm-24258/#post437149

Oh poor guy hahaha

It’s not often they ask to be deleted.

Which makes me think it could be stolen?

Ran when the heat got put on him.

Imma gonna buy it and then cancel the bid within 24 hours.

Nah I’m going the stupid q road

holly snapping D-shit fixman. I paid $300 for a much better example on the weekend.

Looked a bit closer at the listing. 1199 is the same serial number as mine. either he is talking shit or there is 2 frames with the same number. It’s the same size…

anyone want to bid it up to $1 million?

shits and giggles for days