old or new campag for an older roadie rebuild?

I’ve got an older (mid 80’s) colnago master which is currently built as a fixed gear.
Over the years i’ve thought about rebuilding it as a geared bike but not really sure whether I should go about finding period correct running gear or just go with a modern groupset?

Back in the 80’s i couldnt afford campag gear so i dont know what it’s like? Are the old derailleurs & brakes any good or will they require a fair bit of maintenance?
So whats ppl’s opinions on the older groups compared with modern? Would you bother with downtube shifters and aero levers or will they seem pretty dodgy nowdays?

ps, my other roadie has 10sp campag so im worried putting the old gear on the colnago will make it feel crap compared with the other bike:confused:

i think depends on what you plan to do once you finish? show piece? weekend rides? longer spiritied rides?

dt shifters give you the warm and fuzzys, but brifters work.
having said that, are you going to ride the bike, or build it as a period correct restoration?

oi, jase, get offa muh cloud, man…

well part of me wants to do the period correct thing. however it is a bike i commute with and i do value reliability and durability. it’s certainly not a bike i’d just build up and then have it hanging on a wall to look at. it does and will get ridden in all weather conditions

modern Campag groupset, maybe Veloce.

see here… http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/thread21772.html

close thread.

People don’t ride DT shifters anymore for a reason. Have you considered Tiagra? After all, it’s not really that bad.

As already mentioned it depends what you want to do with it- if you want a road bike that just works, buy a new groupset period. But if you want to create a bit of a collectors piece, spend time researching parts, enjoy the history of it all by all means go period correct.

Just remember that period correct stuff will require a bit more stuffing around though, and expect parts not to fit/be compatible/difficult to aquire/obsolete etc etc

Old frames with new groups = shit hot!

Tiagra shifts so well but cranks look like poo…

and in general a pricier exercise

+1 check it out -> http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/thread19321.html

Campy only pls.

Could go Campy with current brifters (Veloce in silver alloy) but a square tape cranks set, Centaur, Athena, Chorus.
Keep it all 10 speed but the cranks will look more traditional and it will shift nicely.

I’ve got DT shifters on my Concorde, I quite enjoy them its just a different style of riding. Having to sit to change whilst climbing can be a bit of a bitch, but if your not racing how often would you usually need to change gears?