old people in the bike lanes NOT on bikes

Here is my story:

  • i buy a bike off a member from this site last friday… sweet bike to start riding fixed on, nothing wrong with it.

  • ride it over the weekend all cool.

  • as usual ride with 2 mates to school first time on a fixed all is good.

  • ride up st kilda road get to the bridge before flinders street where i am riding in the BIKE lane and this old lady (60+) steps into the bike lane in front of my mate riding a MB he skids to a stop misses her, i run into the back of him while trying to break BUT my lockring snaped breaking all threads on the hub along with the cog. now my bike is unrideable and im broke. wait no i have like $40 but i need a head stem.

i have to questions: can people get fined or walking in the bike lane? and does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do to get the wheel fixed? all the threads on the hub are gone as i said and is it possible to just buy a new hub keep the same spokes or do they have to go too?

anyways have fun reading about stupid old ladies.

i am now bikeless :cry:

Yeah well it is jaywalking and if caused an accident then… are you going to sue her? :-o

there was something fucked with that wheel for a start…
not to cast nasturtiums, but seriously. it was fucked before you bought it.

sorry for skidding to a halt jake
know you aint the best at stopping
but really
nearly everyone was on the foot path side
and the old lady was just absolutely clueless
didnt even know she caused the crash!
next time you ride infront and take em out
i got your back, litterally

The bike was all good in terms of wheel set the chain wasn’t too flash but how does that involve in the breaking of threads and lock ring?

does anyone know of a place to get wheels made up or a new hub? i herd there is going to be a swap meet at abbotsford in a couple of weeks is this true or just rumors?

Shifterbikes and Abbotsford Cycles are pretty much the 2 answers.

I think there is a swapmeet coming soon but you may as well get a new one…

I had a similar thing happen to me but i was going downhill and my lockring came off. What lock ring did you have? And since your on a budget get a velocity hub. few of my mates ride with them. Or get phil wood like me :smiley:

were you running a brake?

Thanks spud, it will probably be best true…
is it possible to keep the same spokes? or have to get new ones?

i had alex wheel set on the bike it runs alright… not sure of the lock ring lol…
is alex better then velocity?

does this happen often?

and no i wasn’t to be honest, i was planning on getting one going this weekend… should have done it sooner MASSIVE regrets

im not sure which is better but velocity are cheapish and they seem to work. I havent used them myself but my friends ride brakeless and the hubs hold up. I got my new wheel built by dan at shifterbikes and its great no problems at all.

You can use the old spokes in a new wheel if the hub dimensions are pretty much the same. But if they got pwnzrd in a crash new ones might be the way to go.

Thanks spud and DL

i am liking the breakless a lot, but it seems that front breaks are the way to go with all the cops handing out finds and stupid people walking in bike lanes

…and the fact that a brake helps you slow down and avoid collisions.

fair point, when i get my wheel back and working i’ll get the bikeshop to put on a break at the same time…
as i learnt the hard way… things can go wrong easily with stupid people not looking out.

Yes, things can go wrong easily.

Riding in the city is madness really- you just always have to have the attitude of ‘this person might jump in front of me at any moment’. Once you accept this, it tends to be less stressful.

Some people can do this without a brake, some people need a brake. Personally I need a brake.

i still reckon the wheel was fucked to start with.

+1 on get a brake.

hahah i will i will lol…
but im off riding as i dont have a bike for at least 2 weeks… damn…
missing mean streets (might run a checkpoint ay?)

but yeah city riding is much fun but seriously some people just need to get some sense of spacial surroundings? how can we educate the people of melbourne to watch out for fixers and other bike riders for that matter?

i’d forgotten how insane commuting in the city is. i’ve been riding in and out the last couple of days morte regularly then usual.
today i was riding out along st. kilda rd, in the bike lane, and started passing the cars stopped at the lights as they changed to green. i must be doing about 30kph or so, and i see the car to my right put it’s indicator on and start turning. there was a construction fence on my left, this car on my right, literally no room to avoid it, the gap i was riding through was just narrow enough to fit through, so the car probably wasn’t expecting a cyclist, and if i try to stop i’m just gonna hit the passenger door-hard-and then get smeared against this fence. i got to the end of the barrier and turned left as hard as i could, squeezing through this tiny gap so narrow that i’m as close to the fence as i could get, and the car still hits me hard enough to pull my foot out of the toeclip. and probably didn’t even see me till after that. and if they’d had their indicator on before they started turning, i would have gone around them, rather then down the side.

\anyway, thats my story for today. idiot drivers.

Well, you can actually ride ‘brakeless’ even if you have a brake fitted to the bike.

thats a fair intense day for you lam…
i have to commute my way to school along st kilda road everyday lol…
its not the greatest ride but better then public transport…

and yes i know snowflake i am putting a break on before i ride again.