Old racing bike with badged Cinelli stem? - Brisbane

I don’t know too much about bikes of this era but is that a badged Cinelli stem? Nice pin striping etc.

vintage road racer bike,you can pick this up with 1 finger | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Boondall

gone already :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the quick or the dead around here.

Looked to have been a nice buy for someone

Is it just me, or is the head tube really steep?

It’s in my boot as I type this. Campy 5 speed, 28" singles, nervex lugs it’s mental

Ha, thought you guys would be on it. Looks like a good score.

Yeah its real nice,
def the quick or the dead.
check it here http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t16831/#post316165