old school mtb

i always wanted one of these as a kid at high school

finally got one (frame from the US), repainted it, but built it up with contemporary components.

I love it.

'91 Fat City Cycles Yo Eddy Team
XT, with King hubs & Mavic ceramic rims
Paul brakes

That is fucking awesome, nice work.

The contemporary components I mostly agree with, performance-wise, but I’d love to see some race face turbines or cook bros cranks on there.

YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH. so much want. properly good build to.

cook brothers cranks suck. xts are actually good.

something like that will be in my garage one day as well

Wow that takes me back.

Great colours and classic lines (I think straight forks look so much better on mtb’s than roadies).

Now you need to find a good mtb enduro and enjoy using your riding skills amongst our dual suspension brothers to show that is it is not all about the bike.

seriously love it!

This should be in the porn thread it wets my pants so much.

yep, what everyone else said! and more pics!

They are the new fixed ! Awesome.

Shit yeah, that’s awesome! There’s a purple Fat Chance that comes into work occasionally. The days of steel full-rigid MTBs are a bit before my time, but there’s something timeless about some of 'em. My boss and a couple of our regulars have some pretty big retro collections. One bloke’s got a set of Shimano Airlines, new in the box (amongst a lot of other things). He had his Dogs Bolx out a while back, that was another beautiful one.

Super fantastic! How are the Pauls? And where are you?

Hey fellas, thanks for the pos comments. It’s been a while putting this together, and I’ve been loving riding it.

Funny thing is that my mates and I were originally MTBers from years ago, but we’re old(er) now and it’s easier to get out on the road bikes. But we’ve been hitting the trails recently and rekindling the mtb love. I haven’t been on my road bike for about 2 months!

I went with a new(ish) gruppo because I just wanted stuff to work properly, and let’s be honest a current mtb groupset is relatively cheaper than finding a vintage one.

JP, I’m in Melbs, and the Paul brakes are excellent. Compared to my XTRs, they’re simpler, as powerful (if not more), and easy to set up. The Kool Stop pads that come with them are shit though - front end squealed so badly I didn’t use it. I changed them over to XTR Ceramics (the rims are ceramic) and they’re fantastic.

I don’t really have too many other pics, apart from some paint pics as below. The original green was nice, but I really wanted the Aqua Fade of the team bikes!

oh and I’m thinking of getting an old steel MTB and getting rid of my road commuter fixie, running the mtb as a 700c fixie.


That rocks so hard!!! Love the retro builds. I have an old Wheeler (about 15yrsold) that I use as a commuter, but it rugularly gets pushed aside for the Voodoo.

Enjoy the ride mate.

i used to have a very rare salsa that had a fatty fork. fucking indestructible. sad i sold it, but it went back to the original owner who lost it a decade ago.

(please forgive the bar and wheel set up, it was a wierd phase of my life between cross-bikes and before fixed drivetrains)

That salsa is awesome too! I love the bar setup. I think Salsa starter-dude is Ross Schafer? Anyway, I read an interview with him once, and I think he’s the coolest of the cool guys who were there at the near beginning of MTB.

re:700c fixed set up - nice idea. I have a 93-ish Ritchey ss commuter and its close to the perfect bike for that application. I’m sure a 700c would fit in but i love to freewheel and carve like skateboarders used to :slight_smile: Its tough and very solid for out of the saddle efforts. I used to run it with 1.3" slicks but now run 2" WormDrives which I highly recommend. they make 700c versions of em too. good for the occassional offraod scramble… Next time I’m in Melbourne or you’re in Canberra, we need to get together and ride.

this seriously has to be one of the coolest bikes posted on this forum in some time.

that Salsa is AWESOME

JP - sounds awesome! i ride like a pansy though - two knee recos and arthroscope on the other!

ronin, is that a metallic sparkle i see in the paint?..nooice.