old school racer

Check out the old reynolds sticker

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There has been some discussion on BNA about Aussie made Reynolds 531 tubing, including a picture of that very decal. I can’t find the thread at the moment but think Spirito was part of the discussion. He may be able to link the thread…but don’t PM him.


I don’t think Ben’s scared of me somehow :wink:


That bike is wonderful … but has me boggled. In any case I know the seller and he’s a top bike guy, knowledgeable and as fair as they come.

Not bike related, but that eBayer is also selling some interesting custom design speakers:

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So that would suggest it was Oz Built? or did we export tubing too?

It’s a real dunno … this one. Everything about it speaks French, real loud. It might have been refurbished or sold locally through that shop and had that decal and the shop name added. In saying that, I have seen one oz frame with similar lugs and the seat stay treatment is a more brit/oz style. I’m gonna have to snoop around a little and see if I can come up with more info.

It’s a very sweet looking bike with crazy cool parts, some of which are quite obscure.