old-skool keirin bike maintenance

not sure that wheel is njs tho…

holy shit someone’s going to get hurt. How very Keirin.

  • Joel

I want that printed on a t-shirt…

and not sure that the mudguard is

… pastel … ??

… pastel … ??[/quote]

With an oversized collar… Open neck of course.

coulda worn it at the Melbourne Cup :lol:

the still is from an absolutely brilliant anime called “pom Poko” by Miyazaki.
it’s one of my all time favorites, and i’ll lend a copy of it to anyone who wants to borrow it.
that’s pretty much the only time you see a bike in it tho, so i’m not sure the interest level for some of you :slight_smile:
if you really want that still i can get it for you off the dvd as a capture and email it to you.
woot, gonna try the new silk screen out tomorrow! i’ll let you all know how it goes…