old velodromes.

from treadlie:

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looking for alf…

Very cool link … and more than a little sad. I followed the links to Sydney and sadly no pics for the Sydney Sports Arena, Surry Hills. A lot of the old timers have talked about it but I’ve never been able to find a pic. 200m, steep, boards, right in the middle of hipster ville and always packed a crowd, jazz bands, big night out. Anyone got any info/pics??

I will check the ABC archive!

edit: I have 6 seconds of Oppy racing the SSA. I will see if I can get a link up tonight.

ahhh found some …

1940, Oppy’s 24 hour unpaced World Record attempt.

Yeah I found 40 odd seconds of that too!

Still not many clear pics of the Velodrome but it’s apparently mostly open/outdoor, 200m long and apparantly 55 degree in the banks. Still not sure of the actual location. Jim Bundy said it was on a little sloping hill on Riley St. … I’ve read elsewhere near the corner of Wraine which means it’s close to the Oxford St end. Then again others said it was close to where there’s currently a park. Will have to check it out.


what is that guy spraying, clearcoating the frame i hope…

12 hour madison? Would ride. I’m assuming it’d be the sort of thing where after a little while you sling your mate in then go and have a power nap in the infield

awseome Bro … you made my week !!!

Check this

Brunswick Velodrome, Harrison Street, Melbourne - 1970s Track Concrete Resurfacing - YouTube

fuck, that’s sweet. will definitely forward on to the committee. 100th anniversary of the club is coming up - i think next year - and this is exactly the kind of stuff they want to see.

Cam was posting about it on effbook last night. Thought he was talking about an old home movie, not something already digitised.

i used to chase my dad around the Stanmore(syd,NSW) velodrome on my malvern star mongrel, spewin its a fancy park now kids these days etc etc.

cant help but think how popular a velodrome could be in Surry Hills right now, just chuck a bar/tattoo shop/barber/fancy barista in the centre RICH

Im also curious on what they spray… So here Ill do some search How to Protect your Bicycle Frame Clear Coat from Race / Charity Event Numbers - YouTube good info!

not sure if that is a real question re the spray??