Old, white, fast.

Almost finished resto on this old nail. I have no idea on frame maker, apparently its 531, drilled campy ends, English bb and fork thread. BB, headset, cranks are all late 70s so my guess is thats when it dates to. No serials, just an E on the bb shell.
With no provenance I’ve just used decals from my local shop.

New powdercoat, swag of NOS parts, lots of hand polished alloy bits.

Beater wheelset in pics, Dura-Ace/MA4 wheels are waiting for spokes to build up.

Frame - unknown maker Reynolds 531, circa late 1970s, drilled campy ends, slotted BB, 52x52cm.
Front fork - Double plate crown, Reynolds blades, campy dropouts (drilled)
Handlebars - Nitto B123 40cm
Stem - Shimano 600 hidden binder, 110mm, 30deg drop, NOS
Headset - Shimano 600
Grips - Soyo long keirin grip
Saddle - Selle Italia turbo, NOS
Seatpost - unbrando for now, ano stripped, polished
Front brake -
Rear brake -
Bottom Bracket- Dura-Ace EX track late 70s
Cranks - Sugino Super Mighty Track 165mm late 70s, 51 tooth Sugino chainring.
Chain - Izumi 1/8"
Pedals - MKS Sylvan
Cog/lockring - Dura-Ace 16 tooth/Dura-Ace EX
Front hub - Dura-Ace 7600 track High Flange
Rear hub - Dura-Ace 7520 track High Flange 1xFixed, NOS
Front rim - Mavic MA4, high polish, green label, NOS
Rear rim - Mavic MA4, high polish, green label, NOS
Spokes - DT Champion, radial front
Nipples - DT Brass
Tyres - Panaracer 700x20C
Tubes - Specialized Turbo
Total weight - 8.2kg

Just like this one

Nice work. Looks like a Hillman I had once, mid-70’s vintage, but those lugs and BB shell were pretty widely used at the time.


Yeah, I’ve seen those dropouts on McBains before. Either way, gorgeous ride.

I like it. Neat and real clean.

Interesting! Yeah we’d been in the dark about manufacturer, as theres very little to ID it. McBains are just up the road from Appleby’s actually (not to mention our competition! haha).

Cheers, I’m pretty happy with the way its turned out, can’t wait for my front spokes to turn up so I can build the other wheels up and finish it. Then for daylight savings to return again for Friday night track down here.

Never usually a fan of too much white but that is very pretty. Sweet build.

Love this, chrome up the stem though!

stunner! strange mix of parts. but those shimano 600 stems are as sexy as they come. looks in great condition.

very similar to mine, a hillman. same forks too. will look closer.

Yeah, looks like my McBain. It has an E stamped on the bb shell too.

Yeee man, nice bike & very nice handle bars c;

I’m all for constructive criticism, what would you do different, brox?

I know the 7600 hub doesn’t really fit with the program and I’m trying to acquire a 7520 or similar early high flange one to suit. Ideally I’d like Dura-Ace cranks, headset and aero seatpost too but good God…the price!
Otherwise, I thought what I’ve built it with is reasonably era correct, if not a complete one brand, one model groupset.

Small update.

-Got some 531 decals
-Snapped up an early (circa '78) 32h Dura Ace track front hub, de-anodised, polished up and laced into front wheel.
-Swapped 120mm 600EX stem for an earlier, 90mm, 600AX one, very much same item apart from engraving however.

Still chasing a pair of nice NOS 700x20C tyres, Avocet Fasgrip Timetrial particularly. Might give up and buy veloflex records, I think they look suitably vintage. But ideally I want full slick tread, not file tread or grooved. Otherwise I think only the noname post and wrong headset locknut let it down.

really like this bike.


I’m a big fan, very smooth.

Identical to a petrus i had, exact same paint job and everything…