old worn chain

so, what do you do with an old worn chain?

Chucking it in the bin seems so wasteful.
Leaving it in the parts box to never be used is hardly useful.
You can’t really use it on a bike that’s going to be ridden…

So is there anything they are good for? What does nickel do to skin? Is there some weird niche demand for a chain-like thing that maybe is not exactly what it used to be?

I used one for a while as a poor man’s chain whip. Wrap the chain around the cassette, wrap the other end around your foot (make sure you’re wearing shoes) and undo the cassette with appropriate tool.

I have since invested in a chainwhip (and a bandage for my poor foot)


buy a length of clear polytube from bunnings, pass chain through polytube and wear as a natty belt (or tie).

Next time you’re at St Ali, spin up the road a bit to RG Madden and you’ll see some very expensive pieces of jewellery made from bike chains and other mechanical bits and pieces… Could be possibilities there… :wink:

Just don’t change your ring cog or chain until the chain snaps. Then it’s useless, and you can get another.

Down the rode from me somebody has covered an old bike wheel in 25 or so old reflectors and hung it from a tree using an old chain. It was artfully placed in the centre of a round-a-bout.
You could try something like that.