Older Cecil walker 531 roadie $BIN 250

Up late watching tdf, might as well post this, I really like it. If it was in vic i would place a bet

Cecil Walker Road Bike | eBay

was perving on it some more. The headtube is a bit wack!


haha. worth it for the wheels alone (hopefully)!!!

edit - though upon closer inspection they don’t appear to be campy hubs. ah well, still reckon it’s worth a crack.

Good buying Rolly, the Atlanta rims alone are worth almost that,
I’m guessing they are 105 or similar hubs and did you notice the dual headlight set up? They look like they are off a truck

wow, serious dayne? atlanta rims are worth around $200?

yeah, I did a quick eBay search for Atlantas before I hit BIN, that was the clincher for me (pun intended). could the hubs be rsx too?

as for the lights… hmmmm

Rolly nice score! Yeah, the hubs look like rsx. Removing the “aircraft landing lights” and keeping as is??

hmmm, probably won’t keep it, no real need for it, don’t know what size it is, bit of a late night TdF with a coupla beers under my belt kinda purchase.

I know of a few ppl that have been asking me about bikes lately, maybe it’ll suit one of them.

or maybe I’ll just keep the wheels.

not sure.

Those lights are ridiculous.

gears aren’t shifting too well apparently, price is negotiable on pickup.

Blakey will want those lights?