OLMO. missin something?

So there is a reasonable looking olmo frame on ebay at the moment.
Vintage Olmo road bicycle bike frame and fork frameset Italian made fixie | eBay

Looking at this pic of BB, and it seems to me that the braze on cable guides are missing, and those stubs are all that remains.

I can’t see any evidence of them anywhere else on BB, and certainly no holes for the press in rivet plastic type.
Maybe I’m missing something and you learned types can fill me in on a type of cable set up I,m unfamiliar with. If it is indeed Chromed underneath that would make rebrazing new ones difficult without compromising and discolouring the Chrome I suppose.
maybe a S/S candidate.

I think the cables run through the middle of those stubs. Looks like a hole on the left one?

yep, they look like they may have been a little squashed but still there

Actually they look like they have holes through them for the cable to run, much like the 3rd one closer to the chainstays in that very picture. Nothing to worry!

edit: too slow!

Doh! Yeah i can see it now. Thanks for answering my Dumb Q Guys.

Now you can buy it Dave.

But then I won’t have any money to finish the other steel frame on my bench, that needs paint, Cranks seat post etc…

See what it’s at come finishing time ay.

Yep - they have holes in them, pretty nifty.

If you have any further questions let me know - the frame is mine btw.

WTF is goin on? Has the arse dropped out of the retro steel market here in the south?
Thats a(steel) steal.