Olmo tt

I bought a groupset and wheels for this looking to make something similar to another members “triple triangle pursuit commuter”. But I put the wrong address on the order so it won’t be here for ages. So it’s now a pub/shops bike. With old bit. I bought a new tire today before anyone mentions that.

From what I understand it’s columbus air. And pinarello stamped max fork.

All im gonna say is that is has plenty of potential.

Pinarello forks??


Interesting beast you have there. And idea how the pinarello fork ended up there - was it painted to match or was it always that way?

Columbus air has ‘aero’ shaped seat and down tubes.

I was going off an add on eBay of another frame like this same paint, different forks. They claimed air tubing, but mine definitely not aero like that. So that’s not right. the forks are stamped pinarello on the dropouts and an engraving on the top of a “p” like symbol.

I posted the frame on here when I got it and someone else suggested that the forks were max. And they look similar to max forks I have seen.
I don’t know anything about the frame or if the forks were standard or painted separately just bought it coz it seemed like a good price and a cool looking frame.
I am not the biggest fan of conversions, but I have ordered a group and wheels. But I won’t get it all together for ages. So this is it for the time being.

New fork and chuck a 650 back on the front. Love the Olmo’s. Will be awesome with some gears and risers.

Needs a 650 front. Other than that, nice.

Deserves some gears.

I finally managed to get this rolling. Took me a while to find shifters for the square top mount braze on, these aren’t perfect but they work.
Shimano 600 tri color, I have the headset I will put in at some stage.
I have the matching rear wheel but campy hub, and cassette. Wasn’t sure if it would all work so I just used this wheel from one of my other bikes
Pretty happy with it as far as a pub bike goes.


I’d love a geared rizored pursuit frame.

Non-indexed mode, will work.

Something wrong with the shifters? Shouldnt have to pull the RD lever that far back for bottom gear…

sweet, if the other wheel works ill put it back on.
i don’t know a lot about the shifters, maybe they weren’t meant for 8sp? weren’t supposed to travel that far? they work.
they do auto trim a little bit, when u move the rear one the other moves slightly as well, pretty rad.

Sweet pub weapon bob!

This is awesome, too damn cool

Seeing as this has come up again here’s the finished product, minus the 600 headset I still haven’t bothered to put in.

Looks sweet, can’t beat the trusty tricolour.

Hell yeh! Love this.