Olympics Track Racing

Starts early Friday our time:

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Go Perko!

Britain’s track cycling team will unveil revolutionary battery-powered hot pants in London’s Olympic velodrome following covert trials over 18 months designed to give the home nation a scientific advantage over their rivals.

The team’s physiologist has told Fairfax the technology will change track cycling — and potentially other sports — forever, in a similar fashion that high-tech suits have changed elite swimming.

Every member of Great Britain’s already imposing track unit will wear the custom-fit, cutting-edge pants from the time they finish their warm-up until the moment they step onto the boards.

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New Zealand’s track cycling team have rubbished the revolutionary ‘hot pants’ unveiled by their British and Australian rivals, saying their humble electric blankets will do the same job.

London Olympics | NZ track cyclists rubbish 'hot… | Stuff.co.nz

“Stoners pot palace… Man that is blatant false advertising”

Any pants That Vic Pendelton wears are hot pants.

This looks good!

Meares gears up for final stoush

i won’t give anything away in case people taped it, but seems there was a bit of drama at the track last night…

spoiler alert

reports can be found here and here

watched it all without commentary on an nbc stream

was very strange.
not as exciting.

Dumb question but what is a team sprint?

Team sprint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

basically, a team consists of 2 or 3 team members. all team members start together and get into a pace line. each member does a lap and pulls of the track, fastest team to complete the required number of laps wins. teams start on the front and back straight and race simultaneously. strongest rider goes last as they have more laps to complete.

make sense?

and here’s a video as an example.


Super fun!

Hard to get disqualified?

provided you’re not last to do your lap :wink:

apparently not. they’re only given a short distance (30m or something?) to get up and out of the way of the following rider once their lap is done so they don’t give them any more of a lead out than is allowed.

if you’re going flat out at i can imagine 30m is gone in a flash, then you’ve overrun the allocated window and you’re DQ’d

The change ‘window’ is there to make sure the strongest rider does not do more than one lap and conversely the weakest rider cannot do less.

Try Italian pursuit

Larger teams contest these races. Each rider does only one lap in the lead, and then pulls up above the blue line out of the way, leaving his team to carry on without him. Each time a rider finishes his lap the team becomes smaller until it is a one-to-one pursuit on the final lap.

I’ve done many an italian pursuit. Also good fun.

To be honest I think, at that level, there’s little excuse for getting DQ’d… It’s not rocket science…

there’s no calculations that’s for sure, just pedal like mad then move outta the way.

too busy focusing on speed and technique than when to pull out…