Omg best ever.

dude, have you heard of these crazy fixie bikes?

I can’t believe they stole WNR!

Looks like they get a better turn out than the Wednesday night FOA ride…

This thread needs to be locked

MNR has taken over.

But they’re so convinced, that’s the sweetest part.

Is them riding wednesday coincidental? or did they actually take it over (if there was even anything left to take over…)

Also - I have actually noticed those ‘Teny rims’ around… what’s all that about?

Endorsed by some sweet fixy gang calling themselves the Just Ride It Crew. Haven’t you heard of them?

I’m in the cool club (yesss)


They were on heaps of bikes in Vietnam in 2010 or 2011 . Big heavy aluminium commuters with those rims everywhere over there.

By my (rubbish) calculations the JustRideIt team will register for the DDCX prologue in 2014. In 2015 they will no longer be riding fixies on Wednesday night but Caad10 roadies with slammed 120mm stems on the Hawthorn crit circuit. Or they will be doing a ‘recovery ride’ after Tuesday night track session at DISC.

You heard it here first!

fucking lol.

Keith Urban called… he wants his hat back.

It’s like a wannabe x-campbell.

Those wheels are.the.worst.

Why are all the bullhorns upside down?

They also can’t fucking spell…“netural” ?! wtf?

EDIT: If ever there was a (badly overdue) reason to finally re-name this site, it’s these guys.

Wow! It’s like 2006 all over again. Are they posting their bikes on Fixed Gear Gallery?