Omg best ever.

Oh geez, I’d forgotten about FGG.

They post that but all their bikes are “softcocks”

So, all my bikes are soft cock= rad

I want my wife to get a fixie with a potatoe tatt=rad

And Jelmer hit the nail on the head

is this you joltron?

I walked into the store when I was in Melbourne last.

I said quite audibly “This is fucked”

and left

We’ve got the ‘Because Fixie’ crew up here in Brisbane. I reckon they could give this group a run for their money in the 5 years late to the game stakes.

i feel quite old now. i hope they like riding bikes enough to make it through the “colour coordination über alles” years.

When will these dudes be on the forum?


reverse drive side?

Thats just left hand drive, so you can run your pegs on the right side without ruining your drive train.
I’ve got it on my bmx, works a treat.

Assembly: Bearing.


these guys would have the biggest cyclosport lovefest cruise to the shops fuck lycra brakeless is fucked sweet aeropole brah fixie.cum.onme EVER.

The big question is: when are they gonna find this thread?

They may have already found it and infiltrating our ranks…

If they’re anything like our becauseFixie facebook friends up here then they don’t read ‘that forum’ because ‘those guys’ are douches with huge egos etc etc

8-11 speed cassette? They’re running 11-speed that’s pretty sweet.

This is so because fixie.
Do they sell onesies, space lycra and rigid bloke

I’ve been asking myself why I’m so keen to shit-can these guys, and in every scenario – it’s because I’m an arsehole.
They’re doing exactly the same shit I did about 5 years ago, and the only reason I really want to point out that its lame is to draw attention to the fact that I was doing that way before they were.

Fuck, there’s presumably heaps of kids only just discovering the whole fixie thing, and presumably they’re catering to that crowd. If it means more people on bikes in the long run then that’s a good thing.

And also, they went and started a business FFS – that’s no easy task. Gotta give them credit for that.

shut up chux, sheeeeesh.

I think this sums me up perfectly.