OMG I cannot believe this Shit.....!!!!!!

Just look at it.

I’m deeply saddened by how someone can destroy such a perfect paint job to begin with…
and slammed it down into looking like the newest hippest of the shelf SE Lager.


so thats where old pinarellos go when they die. but honestly, it’s FGG, what do you expect, it’s a self perpetuating wheel of uglification, and no good will come of it

+1 you speak the truth there LAM

I don’t know what to say about that bike, it’s a crime really. An abomination.

But one of the final points made it all make sense:

-I’m waiting for some Pinarello red stickers …

You see, he’s actually doing a proper resto job, good on him!! :lol:

There’s defiantly something weird going on over at the FGG today. First i was nearly bought to tears by the Pinarello, then as a further insult i was visually assaulted by this :expressionless:

yeah yeah who could possibly love like that? especially the light…

its just paint / still a pinarello?

Bah, it was only a road frame anyway.

What bikes will people ride in 20 years from now? Converted TCR Trinitys?

NOW you’ve got me thinkin’… :sunglasses:

I am going to start a webpage on my site called ‘Crimes of the FGG’.

I am glad Dennis puts up the e-mail’s of these bike molesters so we know where to send the hate mail.

I will put the link up soon.

I hope you’re being serious- I’ll help with the content!
Can we also create a section of the website dedicated to ‘Douche Alerts’- stupid fixed gear builds that feature Mavic IO’s, Lightweight or Mavic Cosmic Ultimates attached to cheap SE frames? :evil:

Don’t forget this one: Fixed Gear Gallery :: Tommasini

Of course, there are moments of brilliance: …is that anyones here?

thats rad,

that looks suspiciously like a Pengy tribute …

toooo close to be coincidence i reckon

You don’t even really need to do anything though do you?
You could just register the domain and link it directly to No editing needed.

Neon bikes are sick


I just dont wanna ride one.

Looks fine to me …