Omniums with an 09 mash

Just wondering if anyone has had troubles with 165 omniums on a grey mash?
Ive read about people using spacers to help avoid the chainstay would this affect the performance of the crank?

I had a green/white mash, apparently identical to the grey/white ones. I had 165mm omniums and they fit just fit without spacers.

Heaps of room.

Thanks guys,
That’s a big help, waiting on a set from the states will post back once received, my frame was the first brought to australia and used at the trade show to which shops then placed their orders and then the mash was the mass produced. Hopefully they didn’t change anything from the first small run to mass production. Thanks again.

Ended up having to use a spacer on the bottom bracket and ended up using different bolts on the chain ring to give it an extra mm or so.