On One Inbred and 456

I was just wondering if any riders here have either of these frames, I did spot a couple in “Post your MTB Ride” and thought they looked freakin awesome. I was considering either one of the two, although there is one aspect of both frames that bothers me, which is the lack of a replaceable drop outs. I have heard of people recommending using weak bolts for the rear derailer. Another thing is that I plan on running long travel forks (Pikes, 110-140mm), which I know for sure can be used on On One 456, and possibly the 2nd Gen Inbred. Are there any similar brands in that price range as well?

I have the inbred with the vertical dropouts and am running it singlespeed. I have a half link chain, used it for 2 24 hour races as part of a 4 man team (over 100kms ridden off road at both races) and a couple of 50km races. Then twice a week for training around the hills at work during my lunch break. I run a half link chain and have never had a problem with the chain dropping off. The only annoying thing is it is shit to change the rear cog as I don’t have allowance in the drop outs. As for the forks, I am running 120mm… the ride is awesome for a hardtail. I know a lot of people are very happy with the performance of the inbreds. An awesome bang for buck frame. As for the 456, I have no clue.

29er Inbred here. Worst case senario I would think your derailleur would break before the steel hanger.

What forks are you running EzyLee? had a quick look at that other Thread, loving the simplicity of both yours and Gordy’s. Might even consider a rigid fork, but only if I ended up choosing the Inbred. I believe that the Inbred will be a bit more aggressive in terms of head angle, where as the 456 would be a bit more relaxed. How did you find the climbing ability with the Inbred and the 120mm travel forks EzyLee?

Manitou minute mrd’s, they are actually 130m travel I am sorry! In terms of climbing, once they are locked out the bike is awesome to climb on. I use the lock out a lot on all of my bikes with suspension.

I use a 2.3 front tyre and Oury grips to soften the front end. I think rigid is perfect for singlespeed off road, as I spend alot of the time standing and dancing on the pedals.
I always struggle when I return to gears and suspension, because I forget to change my riding style.
I had a look at the On One site. I was sure the new generation Inbred’s have replacable dropouts, but couldn’t find them.

not the current ones :0
e: http://www.on-one.co.uk/news/products/q/date/2011/01/13/inbred-swap-out-first-look

Tom is that a karate monkey fork on that beast or a pugs fork?


retarded but cool

^^jesus, traction and cushioning, I suspect it probably would weigh as much as a regular 26" wheel with long travel fork though. The Ragley Piglet looks pretty rad too, better colors than the Inbred or 456
Ragley Piglet 2011 | Buy Online | ChainReactionCycles.com

Leitchy, If you’re planning on running Pikes get the 456. The Inbred 2 is only recommended for up to 120mm. I’m riding a 100mm steel hardtail and wish I had a frame with the flexiblity of 100 - 140mm travel.

Have you looked at Cotic’s B Fe? (100 - 160mm) Reynolds steel. Frikn sweet lookin.

rode a pugsley once, I’m sure it’d be very cool on the beach or in the snow but it was a pigofathing on the street

Oh yer, loving the Cotic’s B Fe. The head angle seems a tad steep for a 130mm fork, but that replaceable hanger is a nice touch. Im liking the figures on the 456 in terms of head angles and versatility. It seems that there a lot of steel frame builders in the UK.

Have you thought about a Charge Duster I just built one up and it rides great that’s with a 120mm Fork though and they are selling the old model real cheap at the moment ask Ross at I-Ride what he can do for you for a frame or a bike. I have had two on-one’s and they have been great handling bikes well priced bikes. If you come out for one of our dirt rides I am happy to let you take it for a spin but I do work for the importer so I am baised.

hhttp://www.chargebikes.com/products/parts/fdetail.php?id=13 This is the older fatter tubed model thats on Sale

Slinky, that would be rad. I hadn’t heard of them, but they look pretty decent, light weight too.