On One Inbred swap out - xtracycle?

I have an On One Imbred built up for loaner MTB duties and BOB towing. It’s probably my least used bike out of any of the ones with value. Geo wise, I reckon it’d make a good candidate for an xtracycle conversion, but the swap out drop outs concern me. Do you reckon this concern is warranted? If it can take serious MTB work without failing, I reckon it should cope with a fair load.

Righto. Ta.

Do you have the xtra subassembly already?

You should probably take mine for a spin (bolted to an Tange Infinity OS frame) and compare it to a one piece frame (eg Commuter’s BD). Quite different, especially loaded.

The new edgerunner xtra looks nicer than the OG too, lower platform, more stable, more room, stronger rear wheel.

All that said, I don’t think the xtra will kill your dropouts any more than any other frame. If it does, they’re replaceable!

(Front squishy fork? Ditch it for a rigid one or uprate the springs)

Nah, I haven’t got it. I’ve wanted one for a while though (a long tail) and frequently find myself thinking “if only I had a longtail”. Also trying to figure out what to do with this On One. I might part it out.

The edgerunner looks the goods, in a utilitarian sense. If I was making one, I’d base it on this idea with a 20" rear wheel. Maybe I’ll just keep my eye out for a big dummy or one already built up or something. Maybe next year I’ll try and build my own.

(Front squishy fork? Yeah, I have an LHT fork for the job. The original purpose for the On One was for expedition purposes)

We have Yuba mundo’s for work, they aint the greatest but very good value, frameset for $650, and most of the bits from your onone (assume its 26") will swap across, except needing two chains. -and a longer hydro hose/cable

the main thing I don’t like is the 1 1/18th" threaded steerer, I’d buy a cheap Surly fork off clickbike and go threadless. -actually clickbike don’t have any good ones left, but you get the idea.

Yuba Mundo : Yuba Mundo V4 - Frame

Sell the onone and you’ll probs only be a few undred out of pocket.

That looks like a pretty good option. Agreed; they aint the greatest. But value, for sure.

The Yuba is great value. Heavy as but. (cargo bike, whatevs)

I replaced my shagged, sagged, threaded squishy fork for a surly sus corrected fork and a disc brake, made a world of difference to handling, and I now have a sw8 Mutant stem on it too, (Thanks erle!)

Come around and take my xtra for a week if you want.

Thanks Blakey, but think I’ll start planning for a dedicated longtail. Will mull over the Yuba for a few days to start with.

No problems, just thought you might like to test ride one for a bit and see if it’s for you. I don’t use mine a whole lot, but I keep it around for the occasional large-portage, person carrying, and lulz.