One for Larfinboy

Juggernaut | rungu

I was wondering how long it would take someone to post this

Surely it’s an early April fools joke.

if it had two suspension forks on the front, would that enable 2 front wheel contact when cornering? if the suspension was set up well enough it would be kind-of like a less complicated piaggio mp3 scooter system. the transition from 3 wheel to two wheel would otherwise feel like

I’ve seen a picture of it on a beach - so stupid.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Engineers, solves problems that don’t exist since forever.

100% Necessary just like all fat bikes - you should get one.

I dunno … some of the best times I’ve ever had resulted from breaking your aforementioned principle.

Fuck yeah, try everything twice !!! ™

Fatbikes are hard enough to ride on anything resembling an upwards slope. Why would you add all that extra weight (not a trivial amount) and rolling resistance? I wouldn’t touch this unless I had to ride downhill on snow or sand