One for Spirito

Old? check!
Italian? check!
Obscure? check!

You’re not selling this are you:D

What ALL of them?

I’m clearly internetally challenged.

jeebus erle … :smiley: You’re getting to know me well !!!

Not me selling this one but I know the seller well and highly recommend him.

Regarding the bike: it’s something I usually go for, but I have 2 or 3 frames very similar in style/era to this. It is very nice, lotsa cool patina and enough for me to say leave it as is and scrounge together some equally used parts so to make a great rider without making it too clean (and pricey). Certainly obscure … i’ve never heard of the marque. The lugs have an almost “french style” influence.

I got a feeling it’s probably more of a 2nd tier Italian city bike frame … sorta nice tubing, not too light, but still good to ride with upright bars, fenders, and maybe even a chaincase. Usually with either 5 or 10 gears and built as a practical alternative for a gentleman to ride around town without looking like a wannabe racer poseur.

Anyway, I think such bikes are cool and that’s my hunch/guess on what I think this frame is. Of course I’d check the frame over in person to be sure. I would also suggest that internal cable routing is possibly original, and was common even back then on such simple style bikes.

If’n some of you coolio’s need pictures to better understand this style of bike then check below >>

The tricky part will be finding the one piece vintage bar/stem/brake levers which most of these bikes had, and the chain guard/cases, original fenders etc etc but there’s more sense in using modern alternatives which makes it easy (and probably a lot cheaper). Ask me how I know :rolleyes:

Everybody needs a bike for which it’s nice to just roll along on without having to go fast. It makes a nice change and it can still be very stylish :wink:


In Australia the emphasis is far too focused on speed. I see so many cyclists motoring along in the morning commuter cup, red faced, head down, pushing massive gears only to then just have to sit at the next set of lights with all the filthy motorists. Or running reds because they become so goal oriented that they lose focus on the now. You don’t see this in Japan or Europe where in the cities people ride cruisers and are content to treadle along softly, lest they ruin their makeup, business suit, etc.

Personally one of my first reasons getting into bikes was to once again be able to enjoy the journey and de-stress. I agree that sometimes the journey is best enjoyed in a flat-out sprint with some mates, seeing who will crack first, but this is generally reserved for the weekend. Honestly I think a lot of my fellow commuters have lost the plot (or didn’t have it to begin with). I purposefully ride in my work shirt and pants as it keeps me from going too fast and getting all sweaty, plus it shows others that anyone can get on a bike, and you don’t need to look like a slob in a shitty t-shirt and running shorts, or like a packaged ham in lycra. All you need is a bike and a helmet.

Having one (or many) bikes that are designed for absolute style and riding comfort (or just style ;)) brings cycling back down to its simplest level. I know many a time when I’ve been out on a gentle cruise that I’ve found myself stopping and talking to strangers as they’ve given our bikes a long look, or paid a nice complement. You can’t do that at 35kph+.

Buy it, build it and enjoy it!

That was good.

The n00b commuters are becoming outrageous.

i think the difference in culture here is that most people tend to ride bikes for fitness and some sort of training and they commute so it just blends into their day and they dont have to put 3 hours aside when they should be spending time with their kids and stuff. thats why you see the middle aged blokes smashing themselves at 7am between traffic lights. but i do think the whole riding bikes as transport only thing is taking off a lot, seems to be a lot more younger people commuting in civillian wear just as transport with no interest at all in riding fast/hard. and not talking about hipsters on fixed gears.

its good.

word :wink: … all too often we race past the world yet on a bicycle it’s the best way to travel and experience/see thing/tour at an easy pace