One for the hipsters?

DZR Shoes – Spoke Magazine

Ehhh, they look boring, and if you want spd shoes get some mtb shoes.

Vans have been making these for ages now.

Wiggle | Vans Warner SPD Offroad Shoes

I’ve got a pair of Chrome Kursk Pro’s and they’re solid

i have these and they are brilliant for commuting, and the cletes and very well hidden never had a problem with them and perfect for when yor riding to meet friends that dont ride

And I think the Vans ones look like something I would have worn when I was 13, but crossed with an orthopedic shoe. The DZR ones on the other hand, I think they look kinda cool. And I think for that reason I think maybe they’re breaking new ground. But I’m over 30 now so what the fuck would I know.

And, Dylan, you’d look like a right plum rocking into De Cleau wearing a pair of your run-of-the-mill clipless shoes. You might as well just go the whole hog and rock the lycra too. And you could just forget about Fitzroy all together and head on down to Bridge Rd to hang out with all the other potbellied mid-forties dudes with their $5K carbon Times eating pastries. I shouldn’t be too mean, one of these guys gave me a “I like your bike” this morning, which was nice of him. But he was eating a pastry all the same. :slight_smile:

I got these 2+ months ago and love them, good power transfer, support and really comfortable.
There seems to be really only two choices in spd shoes, the velcro/mtb or skate (vans/661) so its nice to see something different.

I don’t know any of these places, but dude if you were gonna go into some fancy de cleau joint, why bother with spd’s anyway?

Love mine!

Don’t worry, I was just being a smart arse.

the cool kids stopped caring what they looked like ages ago.

frankly, you’d look like a right plum wearing these DZRs anywhere that wasnt on a bike. didn’t nu metal and/or punk rock die in 2003?

It was Nu metal that died… punk lives on !

i hear ya, brother.