One for those who what to ride, and ride, and ride... and then ride some more

The TDR = The most grueling bike race in the world. -

Pretty neat. Anyone here keen? I’m thinking of Tom and Angry

Def Panache!

Wow, thats just crazy. I think I’d start off on some 6-12-24 hour enduros first.

So awesome… how long does it take?

Also, Trans Alp is very intense (not as long).

Those pics make me want to be there

Kent Peterson rode this on a singlespeed in 2005. He was a big inspiration behind TWBD. Here’s his report :

The Way of the Mountain Turtle

I’d love to ride it one day…

Kent Peterson’s blog is pretty cool. I was reading it for a while, thinking it was just some bloke who rides around his little town and works in a bike shop, then one day he mentions that he’d ridden the Tour Divide. Very unassuming guy, great blog.

On a similar topic have a guess how desperate I am to do this

GENESIS YAK ATTACK - The highest mountain bike race on earth! - HOME

Wow, Squiggle that would be nuts, but I can see the attraction towards that. Think you would have to write your bike off though at the end of it.

thats all kinds of crazy…