One Nine Nine Four trailer (punk rock content ITT)

One Nine Nine Four trailer

should be good.

I can’t take any of those people seriously. Bad Religion charge AU$40,000 per show, who wants to hear them talk about the rough old days? Woah tough, you only got 80 people to your first show? Life sucked!

I grew up on most of those bands but they’ve ended up a bunch of hacks with too many excuses as far as I’m concerned.

That said, it’s cool that someone made a doco about punk rock from that era.

hardcore before everyone was emo semen

I’d rather watch an Ian Mackaye interview.

Now there is a man worth documenting.

seems to be a few bitter and jaded salty old men in here.

the doco is about the rise of the scene and from all reports i’ve heard it has been done really well. deal with it?

Quoting Spud: Sime, you are a bitter and jaded salty.


ndf is win.

meh meh meh haha

would this be a good time to casually drop into the conversation that we hung out when he was in town with the evens last year?

that’s nothing! i spooned him and guy when they came out in 92!

Would now be a good time to mention me and one other person built the stage they played on in Brunswick, and also that he borrowed my drum stool to sit on while they played? And that some cunt stole it after the show?

this thread has inspired me to listen to bad brains all day. good stuff.

Liam wins, Ian and Amy stayed at his house.

We did their show down in Tassie, damn it was good. Ian did come over and use our internet though, so that’ll do me for Ian Mackaye Cred.

We did NoFX a week later, which was a slightly different experience (and one of the reasons that watching any of those old mid-90s “punks” leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

The Evens did stay at my place, yes. Sent a postcard too! Top notch humans.

I toyed with idea of getting Ian to sign my 20 years of Dischord boxset, but decided not to, cause that would’ve felt weird.

You can’t fuck with Fugazi though.

after mackaye made puns about it all night? the bastards!

I definitely know someone who got their Minor threat 7"s signed back in 92.