One of the weirder things on ebay

This is out there. Read it all- it’s nuts

Trek or Wrek Madone 6.9, Shimano Dura Ace, Bontrager - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 21-Jun-10 21:39:57 AEST)

That sucks balls if it’s true.
Steel is real!

Now that’s cheap advertising albeit bad if ever I’ve seen it.

Way to call them out on a crap frame.! Problem is, the warranty is only good for the first owner.

If however you can find out who the original owner is, they can make the claim on your behalf?

Yeah i thought it was actually a pretty good bit of consumer activism. It would certainly make me rethink the brand.

lance rides a trek

Wasn’t Hincapie riding a Trek in the Paris Roubaix a while back when it decided to fall apart on him?

This could potentially happen with any carbon frame, not just Trek. The problem is the possibility of catastrophic failure with cracks like that.

Hincapie broke the aluminium steerer on his Trek

lance cured cancer with a trek

Lance got cancer on a Trek.

lance busts his ball for 8 hours a day training on his trek

Everyone seems to overlook that he had a decent crash earlier on in the race.

FYI - in velonews today, more info on the series 6 trek madone carbon failing - Steered wrong? Racers concerned about broken carbon steerer tubes. That’s enough bad press for me to never consider a trek.

all treks have cancer