one piece cranks

As a bit of back story, I recently obtained a mongoose maurice SS cheaply and have converted it to FG. But the one thing that shits me about the bike still are the one piece cranks. I wanted to know if anyone had had any other experiences with them and had a few questions to ask:

  1. Any issues strength-wise with a one piece? Not intending to trick or place any undue stress on them but I love the spinnnnnnnnnn

  2. Anyone used the BB converter that allows you to use a standard BB on this frame? In before, get a new frame.

  3. The machining on the cranks is shit and they look like poo. Also, the thread is different and I can’t use my shiny new sylvans :frowning:

OK the last one is not a question

  1. The one piece steel cranks would be fairly strong, there must be some justification for the heavy weight!
  2. You can get BMX style bottom bracket to fit the larger size bearings etc but with a normal quad taper axle. There are plenty of BMXs with 3 piece cranks around.
  3. they are just cast iron, machining is non existent, pedal choice different, but yes replace with 3 piece cranks and problem solved.

one piece cranks=ugly+rubbish
I also have what pcbx is talking about in my bmx with 3 pieces.
Good luck

might be a stupid question, but is this a one piece cranks?

nah, those arent 1 piece cranks

thanks! I might get that or the sugino xd then…