One up cage for shimano RD

Couldn’t find a mtb link thread, maybe we could start one with new things that are coming on the market.
Thought this was pretty cool, even beter if it comes on blue.

Singletrack Magazine | OneUp Components RAD cage launched…

There’s H’s Bleeding Edge thread. But sure, I agree a MTB new products thread might be worthwhile.

Here’s my contribution:


So with this Oneup cage + cog, you get get a 1x10 11/42T setup on the ‘cheap’. If it works as well as it looks, I recon they’ll be on the money.
The biggest gripe with XX1/X01/X1 is the silly pricing. You get less components and you pay more- madness.

Now we know the direction of M9000 XTR, these stop-gap solutions will be relevant for the near future. Will be interesting to see what Shimano does for the next iteration of XT. Will they do the usual copy and paste XTR features like 11/40, or will they adjust to the competition and offer 11/42T… interesting.

history says XT generally brings about a couple of additional options correct? so the 42 might be coming.

I just like that we’re back to the good ol’ dayz of CNC & Ano!

+1. Big ups to the little guys!

alright, can anyone confirm or otherwise that One up is the same as 1upUSA? I assumed they were but am not sure now