Online bike stores

Hi everyone, Just wondering what is the best online shop for fixie parts and bikes?
For example when purchasing Bmx parts I use Dans comp. Is there any equivalent for fixed gear?

Open for discussion!


Touchey situation, because its always good to use the Local Fixie Stores b’cos thats what they are there for these days. But then again if you got a budget to work off then you gotta stick to it.

Fixed Gear Stores like GearBrisbane and ShifterBikes do orders online and you can ring them up and tlak directly to the guys that run them, unline internet stores.


Ebay stores like Wheel&Sprocket in the USA are good for cheap bits and bobs.


Stuff like tyres, tubes. You can usually get a good deal with or Chainreaction Cycles or ProBikeKit.

Bought my new KHS flite 100 from my LBS just recently so was just interested in whats out there.


When our dollar isn’t shit against the US dollar, Ben’s Cycles is pretty decent too.

i have spoken to wiggle, PBK and jensonusa on the phone when i have had tricky questions and all 3 have given me better service than any local shop i have ever been to

where did you get ur khs flite 100 ?

go to better shops

Kookie bikes is online and sort of local (if you are in Melbourne) - well priced and quick delivery.

they also call you if there are any issues with your order.
I’ve had no troubles dealing with them.

+1 Kookie are great to deal with

why bother? i get better service and cheaper prices while shopping from my desk

I totally agree. Unless you need your bike serviced, the interwebz beat our shitty bike shops hands down IMO.

I disagree… Don’t get me wrong I love buying stuff on-line but you can’t beat the face to face advice you get in a GOOD shop. Sometimes it’s worth the extra few $$.

Thread deja-vu :?

yeah, you guys are totally right.

and, when there’s something wrong with my body, i totally order surgical instruments from the internet and perform home surgery. the information is better on the internet and the tools are cheaper too! not to mention the sweet deals on kidneys i can get.

YAY! Another irresolvable internet debate.

Hey… how do you guys feel about helmet laws?

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Sophistic at best, paralogistic at worst
you should know better.

Some people like shops some people prefer the interwebz, some like both. the choice is what makes living in the future awesome.

Like I said Brendan, I can see the obvious merit in having face to face contact in the instance of say, maintenance issues, or warranty claims. But most of my dealings with the LBS is when I’m buying stuff- and that’s where they fail big time.

If they do have what your after, it’s 3x more expensive than the internet, and if they don’t have it in stock (which is most of the time), they screw up your order.
I’m only speaking for myself, but when I walk into a bike shop I’m usually after a specific thing, which is why the evil web-based shops make the decision too easy.

Now this is my personal experience of local bike shops around Melbourne, if you know of any great ones, by all means tell me about them!

And yes, I know this conversation is going around in circles- each to their own! :wink:

Abbotsford - good advice, cheap parts and the guy always seems interested in what stupid scheme i’m working on… Plus 10% discount for club members. I got it on two bolts a couple of weeks back - the guy looked at me laughed. But then that’s why i keep going back there.

But i do sometimes buy stuff off the net… I can’t help it.

abbotsford are alllllright… but don’t normally stock a lot of ‘fixxxy’ goods.
dan @ shifter if your into supporting local business but internet is much easier.