Online doco's

Hey dudes. Just wondering what online documentaries there are out there that are free to view and good.

What I am after is something like the Specialized AWOL Transcontinental video/promo - this was good in small chunks, or in one sitting. Whatchya got?

Redbull, Go Pro and Vice aren’t bad.

Not bike-specific but there’s a good reddit community for free online docos:

Werner Herzog


Also this subreddit is normally good. Most are on youtube which is cool while you’re in the bath with the ipad.

A film about coffee

This is awesome. Thanks.

You saw straight through me… Didn’t really want to say “hey guys, i need something to watch in the bath on the iPad…”

Mate, if I had a bath I’d spend a lot of time in it with epsom salts resting my tired old knees and lower back

Another big thumbs up for Herzog docos.

Also some great stuff here: