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hole in one

To obtain a discount on your purchase,just insert the above phrase into the promo code box on the bottom right hand side of the invoice, at the start of the checkout process.

This offer begins 11AM today and ends 11PM Sunday 20 November.

This offer is not retrospective and cannot be applied to orders placed before this time.

The voucher is only available to newsletter subscribers and forms part of our members benefit program.


Sitewide FREE SHIPPING applies during the same promotional period on all orders over $49.99.

^ that’s a nice one Almost finished so get on it!

has anyone else been getting smashed by way more wiggle emails than usual lately?

Yes, so much so I have unsubscribed.

I need a discount code for wiggle to get my new 3t bars.
PBK are out of stock.

You only missed out by a few days…

Hold tight…

will do i might start a roadie build thread for this thing.

Whaka yea!!! Bring the tarmac!

The bar is set at 5.6kgs… Make me proud!

I have a drill and sand paper hahaha.

Paint job would be worth 100-150g :wink: sand it off!!!

I have a $10 voucher for Karmaloop. Problem is… it runs out tomorrow (Well, probably Saturday for them as it is in the states).

Your Credit Code is:
It is worth: $10 Code Expires on 11/25/2011

Xmas Gift Ideas at 25 Percent Discount


Rapha code to 27th Nov (US time) BLACKFR11 15% off!

Evanscycles has an extra 15% off, including discount items: MM15. (not on garmin and a couple other things…)

wiggles got 20% off till tuesday…TDU20

lookin good.

looks like some of the prices have been bumped up a bit though :frowning:

I got a $15 voucher from Cycling Express recently for their fucking up my recent pedal order, but when I put the code they gave me in, it didn’t work !!

Even their apologies suck!

This isn’t working for me?

Edit: It’s above $150 that you can apply this… OH WELL I’ll have to buy some more stuff… Bummer…

Probably… Oh well, new bib time lol

Oh wait - 150 limit…

note that this is 20% off list price, and most wiggle items are already 10%+ off list price… and you need to spend $150…