Online store

Hey guys,

I am in the process of designing an online store for my site, and thought I would see if anyone else here has one?

I have designed a bunch of them, but never actually run one.

What are people using as their back end?

I have designed sites using big cartel, shopify, shopp, and other WP plugins.

The last site I did used shopify The Open Window - Welcome

Thinking this is the path I will go down.


Cadence uses MyShopify, Zlog and Trackosaurusrex and ASHCAN use Big Cartel. All of them seem to run smooth.

Weird. My boss. Was/is your boss.
Pod work with the open window, I dig it.

+1 For Shopify.

I built ours in RoR/Spreecommerce, but kind of regret that decision. I wanted self-managed, and that seemed like a good option at the time.

Who is your boss?
I run my own studio in Prahran.

Do you work at Marliyn & Sons?

Yeah think I will use Shopify.

Super easy to work it.

Ive used wp-ecommerce for a couple of sites, mainly so all site content could be managed in wp aswell as the store, its pretty customisable if you’ve got a bit of programming knowledge. Def worth a look as its free and easy to set up.

Might look into that today.
Are you a coder by trade?