Online stores?

Not really sure where to put this one, but I figure its for riding around velodromes so this will do.

I am after an online resource or few of where I can get new sugino or dura ace chainrings and sprockets for my track bike - preferably somewhere reliable AND cheaper than buying in AU :roll: Other than PBK :slight_smile:

So - where do you shop online for these things?


You could try Bikepro in Surrey Hills, Vic for Cogs & Chainrings.

Andy is a good guy, although I haven’t bought track stuff there. The cog prices look good, dunno how good the chainring prices are.

But I’m guessing you’re really after getting chainrings cheaper since good quailty cogs don’t seem to be any cheaper OS. But those DA and Sugino track rings sure are pricey.

You are right, they are pricey which is why I am trying to get an idea of how much things cost here compared to OS to figure out where to spend my coin.
If it isn’t much cheaper to get these from OS then I would prefer to spend it locally and support local business.

I’ve heard rumours that these guys make pretty good quality custom chainrings at very reasonable prices.

Care to comment ndf?


Some of the ebay stores like Bens Cycles have lots ‘o’ Sugino stuff

If you have a hard time finding reasonably priced Shimano/Sugino rings, Gebhardt Chainrings are worth considering.

Cost ~$70 including shipping from WA. I’ve used two for the street but never for the track. Apparently, they’re good enough to break the hour record so they can’t be that bad.

Contact Steve at ideal cycles.


Good call Des…

Gebhardt rings are the ‘shit’. They are beutifully round, no ‘loosey-tightey’ stuff going on there.

You can get Sugino from Shifterbikes.

Yeah the Cycleunderground ones are the goods.
Have you ordered any Nath?

Here’s a couple of pics for you:

I’ve been riding one for a few weeks now and its awesome, hardly any wear and nice and thick too.

Just like you eh Spud :wink:

BTW, congratulations!

How much do the cycleunderground charge for a custom chainring??



wooo damn…$7000!!!


$80, cheaper if you buy a set of like 4 rings at once.

Yep Gebhardt are good - mine is still going strong after 12 months of use, only a little wear on the teeth.

Garth: I haven’t ordered yet, kicking tyres till my next paycheck.

Spud: Congratualtions!!

Lisanne: How was Sunday? was there a good turnout? Will Alf be running a women’s grade on Tuesdays soon :wink:

Thanks for the info guys, but wnting to stick to sugino or DA preferably.

Sunday was great fun! So many people came to the two sessions, probably about 40 and they all had a lot of fun, lots of smiles everywhere!
It was a shame that the only club represented was Brunswick (they were all invited) but it is great publicity for us and a few people were interested in pursuing it further, we will have to wait and see though! :smiley:

Ooooh a womens grade on Tuesday - I like the sound of that!

They had them last season. Two grades on some nights.