Opening a Sydney store, hiring staff.

Hi guys,

A couple of forum members work for Papillionaire Bicycles in Melbourne.

We’re opening a Sydney store in coming weeks and need staff to run the store.

In the beginning it would be Thursday, Friday & Saturday with further work days once we’re settled.

Duties will include retail sales, maintaining the store and (basic) bicycle assembly.

You can have a look at our site here: Vintage Bikes by Papillionaire

Express interest at

You can also send questions to the same address, post them here or via PM.


Where abouts in Sydney? Absolutely keen as I’ve been job hunting for ages now. I could drop into the Melbourne store when I’m down to say g’day?

We haven’t got the storefront yet, but it’ll definitely be in central Sydney. We’re currently looking at a place in Surry Hills, amongst others.

We’ve got someone going to Sydney in about 2 weeks to check everything out, but if you’re going to be down here before then, drop in anytime! Myself and user greenmachine cover the store most days.


Sounds good, will drop by some time and have a chat.

We’re still looking for staff, so if anyone’s keen, send through your deets.


i saw one locked up on my ride to work earlier in the week. remembered this thread as i went past it, then forgot about it.

ADD much?!

hey. i want in! this is real cute. im not a bike mech tho :frowning:

^Future workmates? Super keen to start working, was good meeting you Chimpy

That’s the plan. Depending on each of your availabilities and our financial situation upon opening.
Good to meet you too.

Hey Chimpy!

i pm’d you.

That Red Papillionaire locked up on Campbell Street caught my eye a long long time ago. Could use a little grease and wipe down though :wink:

I want in too, will pm

Are the guys who run/own this shop on this forum?

Lemontime and one of his friends (I don’t think is on the forum?) work PT at the Sydney store.

do they still need staff???

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