Operation Compass - 3 Month blitz on cyclists in the CBD.

When will the fucking onus of responsibility be placed on the people who are causing the vast majority of the deaths and injuries?

Instead, it’s our fault because we ‘ride into doors’ and motorists ‘find it hard to see bike riders’.

I rode past an ambulance and a cop car this morning on my street, where they had a cyclist on a stretcher, possibly a hit & run, I don’t know for sure, but drivers often play F1 through the traffic calming chicanes and drive on the wrong side of the road, even past traffic islands to cut past cars queued at the railway crossing.

fucking fuckety fuck.

Rise in bicycle accidents in Melbourne prompts crackdown

…Bike-related laws to be enforced include failing to wear a helmet (a $146 fine), not having lights ($146), failing to obey a traffic light ($292) and riding in a tram safety zone ($292).
“We have seen a number of incidents recently, particularly in the St Kilda Road area, where cyclists have collided with opening car doors," Senior Sergeant Huntington said.

Senior Sergeant Huntington said that under Operation Compass, police would target four key entrances to the city — Footscray Road, St Kilda Road, Albert Street in North Melbourne and Royal Parade.
He said despite bike helmet laws being enforced for the past 10 years, officers were finding cyclists were still flouting them.
“They also aren’t wearing the proper lights at night time,” he said.
"It’s a winter period and we’ve got people riding to work later in the night time and also early in the morning when it’s dark.
“Motorists find it hard to see bike riders at the best of times, so when you’re not wearing those reflective vests, not wearing a helmet or not wearing the lights, you’re riding around invisible to other road users.”
He said Operation Compass would run for the next three months.

Yep saw this earlier. I didn’t think my disapproval of VicPol could go any higher… Sky-rocketing…

Bloody unbelievable. HAve fun with the cop dodging.

Something doesn’t make sense here- a cyclist gets doored by a motorist and we fine the cyclist??

(the only scenario I can imagine is at night and the cyclist doesn’t have lights)

knowing my luck they will find something to fine me with. they mention riding with a fluro vest at night do you think they would try charge someone for not wearing one?? im fine in the lights department,but what about reflectors are they a requirement by law to have when riding at night??

I get a fair amount of rage when I see it’s us “colliding into car doors”
Especially when a cop is the one saying it…

Rear reflector is required by law, as are front and rear lights and a bell. You probably won’t get done for a reflector/bell unless you run a red or have no helmet etc.

While I don’t agree with the idea of Cyclists being targeted for all cycling related crashes, I think we do need to have a look at cyclists as a whole.
In the commuter cup in the mornings I see some terrible riding. This morning I was cut off by a fellow cyclist as he was passing me (without warning) and then decided he needed to be on my spot, just so he could run the red in the front of us, and have to dodge 2 cars.
As for car doorings, I think BV and VicRoads could jump together and get some awareness to do what they do in Germany; open the door with your opposite arm (if you’re driving, open the door with your left) as this forces you to turn your body and look for cyclists.
As for this thread, I see this becoming the same debate we’ve had for months.

Like they would ever enforce this

“Road Safety Road Rules 2009
S.R. No. 94/2009
Part 16—Rules for Persons Travelling in or on Vehicles
269 Opening doors and getting out of a vehicle etc.
2 Rule 237 deals with persons getting on, or into, a moving vehicle.
(2) Subrule (1) does not apply to a person getting off a bicycle or animal.
(3) A person must not cause a hazard to any person or vehicle by opening a door of a vehicle, leaving a door of a vehicle open, or getting off, or out of, a vehicle.
Penalty: 3 penalty units.”

Seems they forgot…

Penalty Offence Code #2089 Cause hazard to person or vehicle by opening door or alighting from vehicle (a $119 fine)

The above is also good news if you’re commuting by horse, camel, yak etc

oh cool yeah i run about 4 rear lights and 3 fronts and have a bell so should be ok. might put one on to be safe cops seem to not like me very much:eek:

Victorian Road Rules 2009, Part 16, Rule 269, Subrule 3:
A person must not cause a hazard to any person or vehicle by opening a door of a vehicle, leaving a door of a vehicle open, or getting off, or out of, a vehicle.
Penalty: 3 penalty units.

Maybe we need to get hold of this Senior Sergeant Huntington and find out whether he is actually as ignorant of the law as the article implies, or whether he was just quoted out of context.

I’ve been gladly thowing myself into doors for 3 and a bit years now. If I want to throw myself into an open door, then that’s my choice as an intelligent choice making human. NANNY STATE.

Well to be fair, the official press release has just ‘dropped’ and contains

“Similarly, other motorists who put cyclists at risk will also be targeted.”

But the, at the bottom, no mention of penalties for dooring.

Additional information

Penalties for cyclists
• Fail to obey traffic lights (bicyclist) - $299
• Fail to obey stop, stop here on red signal or stop here on red arrow sign (bicyclist) – $239
• Fail to obey give way sign – $239
• Fail to stop and remain stationary at children’s crossing - $299
• Fail to keep left (bicyclist) – $119
• Fail to give way (bicyclist) – $119
• Fail to give signal (bicyclist) – $119
• Fail to have lights or equipment (bicyclist) – $149
• Riding improperly (bicyclist) – $119
• Fail to wear securely fitted approved bicycle helmet (bicyclist) - $149

Victoria Police Online News Centre - Police bike blitz hits CBD

@Hamishf: Did you ever get a response to your request for information on the distribution of fines from recent crackdowns?

Actually I didn’t. I’ll chase it up again and remind them they never got back to me. Might have to FOI it though which is a pain

the other night i decided i’d take note of illegal behaviour. i noted 13 pedestrians who jaywalked, 2 trams who went through reds, 2 motorists who went through reds and 3 cyclists who blizted a red. this was all within 10-15 minutes.

do trams ever get pinged?

Typical anti cyclist language from Victoria police. Next time you get Doored, remember it’s you that ran into the car.

Rise in bicycle accidents in Melbourne prompts crackdown


As a cyclist who breaks no laws except for the helmet, bell, reflector, signal, stopsign, and riding improperly ones, I blame science, cos I don’t understand it.
Also, I nearly ran into a guy on a mongoose maurice riding up high street this morning. cruising along on the speed limit in my ute headed too work, then I see him in front of me in my headlights and I was like ‘wtf where are his lights’, so then I moved into the other lane to avoid him.
But I was a bit spooked by that. Wear some lights on your shit guys and girls!