opinion on 'state bicycles'

just looking into this company as a mate of mine is considering becoming the australian distributor.
anyone have any experience with them? thoughts? etc?



looks much the same as all the other cheap fixed gear options out there. jellybean/mojo/etc etc

nameless components aren’t too inspiring either.

Aren’t there enough $400 bikes around at the moment?

Cookie cutter for sure.

Tell him not to bother, fixies are harder and harder to move, especially in that bracket.

^FYI, HMC does work in a bike shop, he has some idea of what he’s talking about

why are all the top tubes about 1-2 degrees off true horizontal? if you’re going to go classic geometry, do it properly!


I am seriously over this <$500 rubbish. Its absolute shit. Had so much of it come into work recently. Bent, rough, shit quality and very poorly put together. I could rant all night about this but i dont want to waste mine or anyone elses time.

yep… just another ‘me too’ brand.

yeh, right. was thinking along the same lines myself