opinions on a frame

Hey people… i’ve only been riding fixie’s for a couple of months, what i’m on now is a really old bike i basically got for free, bought new wheels for it and made it into a fixie just so i could get a feel for riding fixed. sine then i’m starting to love it and want to upgrade to something with less rust haha.

there’s two frames i’m interested in, i’ll cut to the chase and post a picture, some deets and a link to them both. i’d love to get opinions on which you’d think is the better frame for general commuting/exercise/riding with friends. anyway, these two are two that are available at a bike shope near me (perth) that are being sold as a complete bike which is around my price range ($500-$700). if you could think of any others that might be better for the same price i’d love to hear it.

Mongoose Maurice
(Mongoose | Maurice)

Trek Earl
(Trek Bikes | Bikes | Urban | Earl)

so yeah any and all opinions are welcome. i don’t have much knowledge in the way of bikes or bike frame design so yeah.


  1. you should of posted this in the new buyers guide.
  2. i personally like the mongoose better
  1. This.
  2. This.
  3. Get foot retention, whichever bike you buy.

pls use the search function / read the new buyer’s guide.