Opportunity to get famous and improve road safety...

Dear Members of BUGs and Clubs,

Great opportunity to have input into improving road safety for bicycle

The good news is that the number of people cycling on our roads has been
increasing considerably over the last year, which could be a response to
higher petrol prices, congested roads and greater awareness of the many
benefits of cycling. This is terrific and hopefully puts pressure on
Governments to create more supportive environments and culture on our roads.

The bad news is that road safety statistics are telling us that bicycle
injury rates have been increasing at a greater rate than cycling
participation. One factor is that many people who have taken up cycle
commuting have limited experience of riding in traffic, resulting in reduced
hazard detection skills, putting them at increased risk of injury.

The Cycling Promotion Fund has been successful in gaining a grant from the
TAC to develop some video clips addressing the four key road safety risks
for cyclists riding in traffic:

  • Car doors opening in the path of cyclist
  • Left turning vehicles not giving way to cyclists
  • Heavy vehicles and cyclists
  • Cyclist visibility

We are going to work with advertising company O’Keefe Murphy Gaff to develop
the clips. We are keen to get input from BUG and Club members and other
bicycle riders to develop the key messages for the script and the supporting
material. We are also looking for people who are interested in being
“actors” in the video clips.

We strongly believe that resources developed by bicycle riders for bicycle
riders are the most effective to assist people to become more confident
riders with good traffic hazard detection skills.

Please let us know if any of your members are interested in having input
into this exciting project.

We have organised a workshop on *Saturday 23rd of August 2008 at the
Augustine Centre, 2 Minona Street, Hawthorn from 2pm to 5pm. *It will be
great to see a good response - the more input we have, the better the
outcome will be.

We are very much aware that we also need an education campaign for
motorists, but unfortunately this did not fit the TAC funding criteria. If
this project is successful we may have a better chance to make the case for
a campaign to target motorists. If you have any questions or suggestions or
would like to have input but cannot attend the workshop, please contact us

To assist with catering please register if you are able to attend the
workshop. To contact the CPF Office, email Kathy or Chris:
office@cyclingpromotion.com.au or call: (03) 9818 5400