orange goodness

Heres another fix i have just finished putting together. havent decided what to do with it just yet. was kinda thinking i would jus use it for fooling around but kinda looks a bit nice to get trashed.

Give it to me.

purple and orange is soooo wrong.

I suggest to put lime green grips on it (then give it to me!)

Looks very Dutch. Eric at Gear would be impressed.

You did a good job of getting the saddle level using the brick wall too. :smiley:

and those tyres are as white as a virgin chicken,5829.75.html

not too sure if i am into the purple either. but not sure what colour i want to put on it anyways. got some nice new double strap pedals for it too. i really dont think i will ride it. i may just sell it to make way for another creation post holidays.

Got some info on the frame and other specs?

frame is early 90’s / late 80’s

geo is:

seat tube 54cm c to t
top tube 56 c to c
crank length 165mm
gearing hardish 16t dura-ace to 52
stem length 80mm

felt like a nice cruiser before i did everything to it.

looks like Hilary’s bike

It’s the second Hilary’s Bike clone I’ve seen.

who is hilary? and what does her ride look like? i dont like to clone so i am interested to see!

Luv it!!

the original ORANGINA lurkin in the background.

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“fyxo”></a>
I’ve seen about 3 or 4 since its birth

This new one is creppily like it though, even with the wang bike grips bending.

love the orangina name. sorry to the persons who’s it looks like but i think its sweet. Makes my other bike look shit. full ratrod style work on that starting asap.

now officially for sale for $1000!

pm me for details

can it be unofficially for sale too?

Price seems a bit steep…

Shame the geometry isn’t