Orbea Carbon 29er + XTR. Cheap. - Sydney

to good to be true?

Bike 2012 model orbea alma full carbon frame | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree North Sydney

It’s a 29er, can’t give them away these days. Its all 650b now bro. Didn’t you know that?!

I am clearly behind the times. But $6k retail?

buy it - just be sure he has the reciept

That’s a little odd but ring him and feel him out and buy it if it’s legit and your size. Ask to check it for damage as well.

pfft 29…700c hybrid. now i know that it has tainted all 29.

Ha ha. I pulled the hybrid call on a dude I was riding with a couple of weeks back riding some $5k crabon 29er race machine. He was not impressed.

The funniest thing is the next time we go riding he rocks up on some 26er dualie with 160mm travel and the like… some peoples :rolleyes:.


Phone number on listing now disconnected - no answer to my email.

Definately too good to be true.

Got this reply back finally


Yes the bike is available
Regarding the meeting for closing this deal, I have recently got a new contract with my company, Treloar Transport, in Tasmania for a drain channel and we will be here for about 2 months. Being a long period of time I have the product here with me, in case I find someone interested in buying it. You can still buy the product if you are interested. I would like to use Ukash to close our deal in a very professional manner. It is fast safe,secure and I have used them a couple of times before with no problems at all. I will email you all the details regarding the deal.

Thank you

Reeks of scam.

“the product”, “ukash” and “a very professional manner”

if it looks like scam, smells like scam and talks like scam… guess what.